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I am a video producer and media artist based in the Nürnberg area

I started more than 30 years ago as a school kid creating layouts and designs - mostly based on the music I los:  the (hard) rock style of the early 80s. During the 90s I got more into the new rising techno scene and I surely did tons of electronic music designs as well in that time. 

Being a music enthusiastic for some decades now, I always wanted to work in that business, as I really believe, that one can only achieve best results, when hie work is done with real passion. 

So I got involved in several music magazines since the age of 18 - which finally lead to my engagement with well known LEGACY Magazine (online chief since 2012) and finally to my own magazine NOIZETIMES (60.000 circulation every 3 months).

Since 2015 I got involved the RTN Touring group, for who I am responsible for all print, web and video issues. With that engagement I also took over all graphic needs for the label Noiseart records and the newcomer agency Rising Talent Agency. 

This was as well the time when I started doing videoclips for Nuclear Blast Records and Steamhammer/SPV. Over the years I was allowed to create hundreds of video clips for these labels as well as for other great companies like Napalm Records, Rookies & Kings, Metalspießer, AFM Records and Reaper Entertainment. 

Since late 2017 I am responsible for all graphic, web and video needs of COBRA AGENCY, a touring agency that works with bands like Amon Amarth, Amorphous, Sabaton, Powerwolf and many more. 

I am very proud, that I can call some of my favorite bands returning customers: So I created the largest part of SABATON's full video show on their "The Last Tour"-concert cycle as well as several trailers and lyric videos, for POWERWOLF I was creating several lyric videos, various tour trailers as well as some documentary clips and other video stuff. I was chosen to do three lyric videos for AVANTASIA and directly after that I did another three clips for Tobi Sammet's main band EDGUY and currently I am working for the third time in a row for the mighty ACCEPT.

Besides oaf all these projects for music acts of that I am really proud of, I am also capable of doing serious business stuff like websites for doctors, therapists and other medical companies, business print, logo and CI creation etc. 



My experiences

  • Video producer & filmer

    I moved over to the video genre to create more challenging stuff and to be able to work with sound and movement in a new way. 

    During the last years I was allowed to work with some of the (in my opinion) creates rock and metal acts of all times like:

    Sabbaton, Running Wild, Powerwolf, Accept, Destruction, Sonata Arctica, Dimmu Borgir, Sepultura, Majesty, Sodom, Blind Guardian, Helloween, Anvil, Kataklysm, Grave Digger, Prong, Pain, Saltatio Mortis, Riot V, Night Demon, Gloomball, Raven, Virgin Steele, Black Trip, Axel Rudi Pell, Eluveitie, Avatarium, Blues Pills, Memoriam, Chris Bay, Venom Inc, Magnum, Evertale, The Other, Nothgard, Tankard, Serious Black, Edguy, Avantasia, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Paradise Lost, Masterplan, Bloodbound, Death Angel, The Outlaws, The Doomsday Kingdom, Crematory, The German Panzer, Wisdom, Nashville Pussy, Winterstorm, Evil Invaders,...

    Please check out my VIDEO PORTFOLIO!

  • Graphic Designer

    I am capable of delivering the work of a full service agency - from creating your logo and corporate design, through business print and adverts, to outdoor banners or pr texts. 

    I created the full new business CI of RTN TOURING (logo, corporate design, business print, adverts and posters, web design, video trailers), COBRA AGENCY (logo, corporate design, business print, adverts and posters, web design, video trailers) and many others. 

    Currently I am creating tons of layouts each day for COBRA AGENCY, RTN TOURING, NOISEART RECORDS and all the related bands. 

    I also create(d) shrit designs and merchandise - e.g. for Metalfest, Masters of Rock, Suicidal Angels (shirt designs and full layout of their latest album), Evil Invaders (several album layouts and sorts) and many more. 

    Feel free to challenge me!

  • Webdesigner

    My first website for a customer is dated back to 1993. Since then I created a vast number of sites including such cool past projects like (official Desaster website wich I ran for 12 years), (until early 2018).

    Currently I am responsible for many band and festival websites like:
    As well as some nice business websites:


  • Journalist

    After having worked as a freenlance journalist and photographer for several local magazines I started my own magazine HARD TIMES in June 2008. HARD TIMES was active until mid 2012, right before I moved on to overtake the online chapter of well known LEGACY magazine, for which I still work as the "online guy". 

    In November 2014 I got the chance to create the NOIZELETTER magazine for another agency - until November 2016 I was responsible for all contents, layout and online issues of that magazine as well as for the full redesign of it. 

    After NOIZELETTER was quit by the owner I decided to reactivate some of my former HARD TIMES colleagues and we moved on with the same concept under the new banner NOIZETIMES! With 60.000 items per issue every three months NOIZETIMES is currently one to the rock magazines with the largest circulation in Germany. 

  • Freelance photographer

    Mostly live band photography, as well as some cover- or band shootings over the years. 

    After more than 20 years of still imagery I decided to move over to the video genre in 2010 and quit live photography in 2014. 

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